Nera Shirt Dress

Striped Cotton

The Nera Shirt Dress is a button up with dress with a cutout slit on the font and each side. Pairing with pretty much any shoes you can imagine, from sneakers to boots depending if you want to go high or low, you can also combine it with layering concepts. 

Cecilie is 177 cm and wearing size medium.

Celine is 173 cm and wearing size small. 

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  • Size

109 EUR 59 EUR

Fabric: 13,60 EUR
Stiching: 18,65 EUR
Hardware: 0,11 EUR
Full-Price Taxes: 17,40 EUR
Photo Shooting: 2,07 EUR
Ave. Marketing: 7,01 EUR
Total Costs: 58,84 EUR

Made in Poland from Portuguese fabric

Isabel Kücke

100% Cotton