Birk Beanie

Yellow Merino Wool

  • Story

    This beanie is made from extra-fine Italian Merino wool and features the same wide knit rib of our Birk Sweater. Can be folded once or twice depending on your affinity to Steve Zissou. 

    100% Merino Wool

    100% Wolle


    Cost Structure:

    Wool: €3,10

    Knitting: €7,00

    Taxes: €6,20

    Photo Shooting: €2,08

    Transport: €2,50

    Development Costs:  €0,90

    Total Costs: €21,80


    Designed by Isabel Kücke

    Made in Romania with Italian Wool

  • Materials

    100% Merino Wool for a touch softer than a baby's bottom. We've combined extra-fine Merino sourced from Italy in 5-Ply for an incredible feel and toasty warmth. We spent over a year finding the perfect knit, and we're very excited to present this to you.

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  • Our pricing explained

    We love visiting stores and touching both fashion and design, but for an independent brand the typical mark-up that store is charging you is 2.7X the wholesale price (which is usually around 2-3X the production cost). We appreciate that you work hard for your money, and created Von Hund because we felt like there were too few affordable options for people who are looking to move beyond disposable, mass produced goods with high social costs. By skipping physical retail and offering our own-brand products directly to you at the equivalent of a wholesale price, we are able to spend much more than comparable brands on the highest quality materials and finishing and still offer each piece to you at what we hope represents considerable value.

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