HUNDHUND is a Berlin creative studio dedicated to crafting clothes with an environmental and social  focus. Conceived by designer Isabel Kücke and her partner Rohan Hoole while living together in India, the label was finally born in 2016 when they moved back to Berlin. We make our clothes together with small European ateliers who treat their workers fairly, and we source textiles through innovative fabric methods in order to reduce our environmental impact. 

Our deepest concern with the fashion industry is its use of beautiful campaigns, shows and retail spaces to mask what can be a very destructive production process - both in terms of making fabrics and stitching the clothes. As such, at HUNDHUND we endeavour to offer transparency in what we do. We provide price transparency, with a breakdown and transparent markup so you can understand why things cost what they cost and arrive at your own conclusions about value and fairness. Similarly, our team of creatives work in an open space at Lobe Block in Wedding, where you’re able to visit and see where and how we work (usually, but not at the moment, due to the crisis, ahem). 

It’s important to us that the clothes not only reflect our community values but are also affordable to our community. As such, when we founded the brand we decided to only sell directly to our customers to avoid any mark-ups by retail shops or other middlemen. Today, we essentially offer our customers what the wholesale price would be if we had a more conventional business model.

As well as working with small mills in Europe to develop our own ecologically friendly fabrics, we also love to use deadstock fabric - the leftover fabric from luxury brands. We love using deadstock as it not only allows us to repurpose beautiful fabrics that might otherwise have been discarded but also enables our customers to enjoy them at a fraction of the price they would’ve paid through a luxury brand.

HUNDHUND aims to be a place of experimentation. We design things in a kind of backwards way, preferring to find and feel the fabrics first, bring them to the studio and then develop the designs in response to the materials.

Each and every season, our label is a work in progress and we try to do a little better every day we work.


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