We're planting a tree for every piece sold during Black Week. Here's why.
By Ewan Waddell

We're planting a tree for every piece sold during Black Week. Here's why.

Between the global public health crisis and the ongoing political controversies, there’s a lot to pay attention to at the moment. But even though we agree that these are important concerns and we must stay informed and aware, we also think it vital to remember that during this time, our environmental issues are not going away. When the pandemic eventually calms down, as a society, we will have to refocus our efforts on the climate crisis. Even though much of this year has found the world in lockdown, our current CO2 emissions are little different than they were this time last year, and so if we are to sustain our fight to protect the environment, we must continue to take action. In light of this we thought we’d do our part this Black Week.

As well as offering a discount to our customers to make our clothes a little more financially accessible (20% off applied automatically at checkout), we wanted to give you an opportunity to make a difference. We’ve decided that for each individual piece we sell during Black Week, we will plant a tree on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.

Not only is planting trees a great way to protect green space and ecosystems, but it’s actually the most effective method of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, as confirmed by an Oxford University study. These trees will be planted in partnership with Plant for the Planet, a Munich-based NGO fighting the climate crisis through their ‘Trillion Tree Campaign’. Their mission is to plant an additional one trillion trees to the three trillion that currently exist globally, as they believe this would capture 25% of man-made carbon emissions each year.

We know this is just a small gesture, but we feel that it’s a positive one that leads us in the right direction towards a more carbon-neutral future.

Have a great week.

- The HUNDHUND team.


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