We Worked with Plastic Fischer to Remove 2 Tonnes of Plastic from Indian Rivers. Here's the Impact Report.

Mindful consumption is at the essence of what we do — which means that for Black Friday weekend, it was important for us to do more than just discount. As such, we offered our customers an opportunity to help out with a meaningful cause, to remove 2000kg of plastic from polluted Indian rivers, in collaboration with the wonderful team over at Plastic Fischer.

Plastic Fischer is a social enterprise founded in 2018 by three friends on a trip to Vietnam who witnessed the intensity of the plastic pollution issue in the Mekong River. They went on to learn that 90% of the plastic in the ocean enters through rivers and 80% of river plastic stems from only ~1000 rivers. As a result, they created Plastic Fischer with the idea that if they just focus on these 1000 rivers, they can make a major impact on the problem of ocean plastics.

Below you can find the full impact report.

Learn more about the incredible mission of Plastic Fischer over at plasticfischer.com.

Thank you to Karsten and the team for letting us be a part of it.