We Made a Dance Film.

Artists using their bodies as a medium for expression has always fascinated us. And so, we found an excuse to connect with some talented dancers we've been admiring for a while in order to make something beautiful. You can find a full list of the pieces in the film below.

Direction / Yerko Opazo & Ewan Waddell

Dancers / Yi-Chi Lee & Sydney Rabinn.

Style / Yerko Opazo & Laura Gerte.

Cinematography / Ewan Waddell.

H/MU / Liuba Dyvak.

Edit / Ewan Waddell.


Here's what Sydney and Yi-Chi are wearing:

Shot 1:

Sydney wears Jazmin Vest & Lika Shorts 

Yi-Chi wears Stella Longsleeve & Noe Pants

Shot 2:

Sydney wears Kuno Shirt & Iris Top & Saida Pants

Yi-Chi wears Kuno Shirt & Saida Pants

Shot 3:

Sydney: Irene Top & Saida Pants

Yi-Chi: Kuno Shirt & Elio Top & Sully Pants

Shot 4:

Sydney wears Renata Top & Saida Pants

Yi-Chi wears Leif Top & Sian Shorts

Shot 5:

Sydney wears Stella Longsleeve & Manon Pants

Yi-Chi: Leif Top & Levin Pants

Shot 6:

Sydney wears Tuui Body & Saida Pants (coming soon!)

Yi-Chi wears Renata Top & Abel Shirt Jacket & Hektor Pants

Shot 7:

Sydney wears Tuui Body & Selena Shorts & Tiago Shirt

Shot 8:

Sydney wears Tuui Body & Kuno Shirt & Saida Pants (coming soon!)

Yi-Chi wears Amit Top & Noe Pants