Some Thoughts On #BlackLivesMatter.
By Rohan Hoole

Some Thoughts On #BlackLivesMatter.

Where to even begin with this.

We stand shocked like many of you, but sit privileged on the other side of the world in Berlin where our police treat the citizens with respect. When we saw the murder of George Floyd we were obviously both shocked and distraught. The same with Chris Cooper having the police called on him while bird watching in Central Park that same day. Or Ahmaud Arbery, executed by vigilantes while jogging a few weeks ago. 

This is personal to us, we spend much time in Los Angeles, a city we love, on our other project to HUNDHUND. And we see the completely different relationship that people have with police there in contrast to here, and then with a huge power disparity you layer in the deep racism and prejudice embedded in much of American society. From slavery to segregation to red lining to stop and frisk. Donald Trump. The protests couldn’t be more important, we live in hope that for all the darkness right now, this moment brings about real change. 

In case you want to help in some way, we’ve collected some resources here. Please reach out to us on Instagram if you have anything else you’d suggest we add to the list.

Where You Can Donate.

Times are tough right now, but if you would like to donate, the organisations below are believed to be some of the most important ones in relation to the current Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Visions Collective.

List of US Bail Funds.

UK Black Lives Matter fund.

Reclaim the Block. - organisation campaigning to redirect police funds into other areas of the Minneapolis city budget that promote community and safety.

Minnesota Voice. - a member-based coalition of non-profit organizations working toward permanent change in racial, social, and economic justice by increasing civic engagement and voter participation.

List of Black-Centrered Wealth Distribution Groups.

National Police Accountability Project

North Star Fund Community Police Reform

Campaign Zero - supports police accountability campaigns and the development of model legislation and advocacy to end police violence.

How You Can Support Without Money.

If you don't have the money to donate yourself, there is the option of sharing donation pages on your social media, so that they’re visible to those who can afford to donate.


This is a video project that allows you to financially contribute to the BLM movement without donating money. 100% of the advertisement revenue is being donated to BLM associated organisations. You need only leave this video on loop in the background and you’ll be making a small difference.

Educational Resources.

There is a colossal amount of educational information online about systemic racism, the black experience, police brutality etc. Here are a handful that we thought were particularly important.

System Racism Explained (Video)

Who Gets to Be Afraid in America? (Article)

Let's get to the root of racial injustice (TED Talk)

The Intersectionality Wars (Article)

The Power Of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Anger (Article)

How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion (TED Talk)

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice (Article)

Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism (Interview)

Black History Month Public Archive (Google Drive)

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race (Article)

Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 An Activist Roundtable (Article)

Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.] (Letters)

How White People Can Hold Each Other Accountable to Stop Institutional Racism (Article)

How Videos of Police Brutality Traumatize African Americans and Undermine the Search for Justice (Article)

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (Article)

Questions Answered Regarding the Current Black Lives Matter Movement (FAQs)

Roxane Gay, Anna Deavere Smith and Tay Anderson on the protests’ hope and despair (Video)

Mental Health Support for POCs.

A list of therapists who specialise in supporting people of colour and LGBTQ.

Resources for people of colour struggling with mental health during this time.

Protest Safety Information.

How to treat tear gas exposure

Protesting tips from Hong Kong

Photographing Police Brutality in Protests

Deleting Your Digital Footprint When Protesting

Collection of Twitter Threads on How to Protect Yourself While Protesting

How to Stop Bleeding

Protesting First Aid.


To reiterate, this is not a fully comprehensive list, of course. This is just a starting point. Please feel free to forward any further resources to our Instagram if you have them.




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