Introducing the TRUST Collection — our latest jewellery collaboration with Berlin designer, Jorinde Barke.
By Ewan Waddell

Introducing the TRUST Collection — our latest jewellery collaboration with Berlin designer, Jorinde Barke.

We’re super excited to announce our latest jewellery drop - the TRUST Collection - in collaboration with our friend, the supremely talented Berlin jewellery designer, Jorinde Barke. In celebration of this launch, we thought we’d sit down and interview Jorinde this afternoon, so we could share with you her story, as well as offer some insight into the meaning behind the TRUST Collection itself.

We trust in ourselves as much as we trust in our friends and family.

We trust in people's ability to collaborate and change the world. 

We trust in the quality of handmade locally designed things. 

We trust in diversity, challenge and change.

With our unisex collection of jewellery we created modern, talismanic pieces as a reminder that the things you trust can always be with you.

Photo by Michel Giesbrecht.

During her upbringing in rural Northern Germany, design was an intrinsic part of her life.

“I had a very hands-on background in the countryside. Both of my parents are ceramicists, so I already had a strong connection to craftsmanship, and also to the haptical experience with objects.”

And so she decided to follow her design legacy, and moved to Berlin seeking a formal education in design. 

“I studied fashion design and industrial design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. And there was a strong connection to product design.”

During her studies, she took a range of workshops in non-fashion elements of design such as plastic, metal and wood, which invigorated an interest in the world of design outside of fashion.

“I really felt a strong relationship to the ‘harder’ materials that you can shape an object from.”

“It was only later [post-graduation] when I was working in fashion that I started to realise I’m more into accessories, but always in a person-context... The way I work now is to produce pieces that are worn by human beings but also work as objects themselves. The jewellery pieces themselves must have their own character.”

And this significance surrounding the person - the wearer of the jewellery - only became more important as she developed her work.

“At the beginning I was only doing still life imagery. It actually took some time for me to realise that a big part of my creative process comes from the person.”

The stories behind Jorinde’s designs and collections are somewhat of a time capsule of her feelings in life at that time.

“I have a very emotional connection to jewellery, and as my collections are growing, I’m also growing as a person. I have very personal topics that are the backgrounds of the shapes and lead me to a certain story. For example, when I was pregnant with my first kid, my shapes became very round and were about fertility. The colours became very feminine and it was about the story of metamorphoses of plants from a flower to fruit, and that was very much connected to my thinking of becoming a mother.”

Similar to our design principles Hund Hund, Jorinde finds deep importance in creating pieces that last. Not just from the perspective of quality, but of aesthetics and design, aiming to produce pieces not focused around trends and seasons, but rather pieces that are timeless, that you could happily wear for a lifetime. As she puts it:

“I create pieces to be worn now - and by the next generation.”

As the crisis has unfolded this year, the realisation of how important a strong community is, has become more evident than ever before. And strong, meaningful communities are built on trust. So in the spirit of our collaboration for the TRUST Collection, we asked Jorinde what the idea of ‘trust’ means to her.

“It’s super open; what it means to trust. For me, I feel like trust is very deep. It’s something that connects very much to your self, to your identity and to your self-awareness in life.”

“A jewellery piece itself can help you trust. That’s a very old function of jewellery. A wedding band or an engagement ring, they function the same way. They’re pieces that are made to last. They stay at your side, they grow with you and you can grow with them.”

And like us at Hund Hund, Jorinde finds it of great importance to produce as ethically and as locally as possible.

“I like to produce locally, in Germany. It’s a family business with a long tradition [of producing jewellery].”

“I chose 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plated Silver and Pure Silver because I wanted to create a unisex collection and I feel these two colours are easy to wear for everybody.”

Jorinde enlightened us to her design story behind some of the pieces of the TRUST Collection.

“I really like the story of Hund Hund - the idea that there’s this connection of people to dogs. I wanted to tell this story in a very abstract way, so I actually used a dog tag as a design element in the chain. It’s not in all the pieces, as I wanted to include them in a casual but elegant way. They’re also engraved with both our label names, ‘TRUST’ and also ‘925’ which is the sterling silver number.”

Thank you to Jorinde. You can find links to her own work below, and you can find the TRUST Collection here.


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Words by Ewan Waddell.

Photography by Rachel Israela.

Worn by Sara Robaszkiewicz and Bas Draak.


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