Welcome to the Doghouse
By Rohan Hoole

Welcome to the Doghouse

It's the beginning of the Hund Hund adventure. Who knows where this will take us but we're happy to have you aboard our journey. We will often be collaborating with our friends to bring you editorials around various dog themes. This first one, is a part of a series by very rad Brazillian photographer Gleeson Paulino. (above) Mira and Caroline wear Folcher Shirts and Halli Pants. Carl and Alpha wear Barengar Shirts and Folcher Pants. (left) Alpha is wearing a Barengar Shirt. 

Photographs by Gleeson Paulino
(above) Alpha is wearing a Kuno Shirt and Anzo Pants in Summer Wool. Carl is wear a Kuno shirt and Anzo pants in Cotton Twill. (right) Alpha is still wearing the Barengar Shirt and Lotte is wearing the Valby Collar and Valby Leash. 

Second image


(above, left to right) Carl is wearing the Barengar Shirt, Mira is wearing the Finnr Shirt and Alpha is wearing the Kuno Shirt (left) Alpha is wearing a Barengar Shirt and Folcher Pants. Lotte is wearing the Valby Collar and Valby Leash. 

(above, from left to right) Mira wears the Tera Tee and Dea Pants. Alpha wears the Ove Tee and Folcher Pants. Caroline wears the Eydis Jersey Dress. Carl wears the Hakon Tee and Folcher Pants. 

Second image



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