Donate Glasses with Us This Black Friday.
By Ewan Waddell

Donate Glasses with Us This Black Friday.

Here at HUNDHUND, each Black Friday weekend, we always find it important to do more than just discount (although we also do that, to make our clothing a little more accessible).

Last year, we collaborated with Plastic Fischer to clean Indian rivers, and in the years before, our customers planted trees with us.

This year though, we felt compelled to support an organisation focusing on work in developing nations — because even though we're facing global economic uncertainty and the unfortunate War in Ukraine persists, there are still a lot of people in developing nations who need our help.

And so, this year we've decided to partner with EinDollarBrille — a wonderful organisation producing and distributing low-cost eyewear throughout developing countries.

Visit their website to view their full transparency reports and learn about their wonderful work.


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